Benny's Baptism Announcement

I love putting together cute baptism invites.  I've been able to watch Benny grow for the past five years.  He's got the best smile, and I wanted something that really captured him.  Love the way the red and blue from his tie was able to work with the rest of the card.  

 Is it dorky that I always come close to crying when I do these baptism announcements?

Cause I do. 


Megan's Senior Photos Part 1

My little Megan is all grown up!  I couldn't be happier with how her shoot turned out.  She is amazing at track, so of course we had to capture some of her doing what she does best.. and most gorgeously!
Seriously.. that hair, right?
Love this girl!  I've loved watching her grow up..
and can't wait to post the other half of this girl!


a Little bit hipster Senior Photo Shoot

She's growing up!  And she's pretty cute, too..
My little sister is graduating this year, and we had to hustle and get her senior pictures done.  She and I are really different, although we both share the same warped sense of humor.  It's really warped.
But she's a little more granola.. hipster.. outdoorsy.. tomboyish maybe?  
And I'm not, so we never really see eye to eye on our style, but I thought this shoot turned out cute.
Her only demand for her shoot was that it be outdoorsy.. so here ya have it!
Wanna hear something even crazier?  If she follows in my footsteps, she'll be engaged in a little over a  year, married in two years and have a baby in three years.

No wonder my parents were freaking out.


Sista Missionary

When you've been in Young Women's as long as I have, it's hard not to have some of your girls leave ya for things like missions.. marriage..college- all those great things. Kelsie is so crazy talented and fun, not to mention she's going to make a great missionary.  We braved the freezing cold to grab a few snaps, and since she's so photogenic, it didn't take long at all to get some beautiful shots.

My personal favorite:
Love you Kels!  Here's to a bright future!


Winter Wonderland Couples Shoot

I really love how these pictures turned out!  Such a cute couple, though.. how could they not?  It was so cold, and they were great to brave the snow with me.  Here's a little smidgen..
Thanks, Megan and Greg!


Always Naughty

 Nothing sums up my kiddos better than that!  This is my card from last year, and I thought I would share.  Our family couldn't get over the fact that Bauer is actually tied to the chair.  We noticed neighbors looking out their window wondering what was going on.. No big deal, just the next door neighbors tying their three year old to a chair.

It was an easy thing to put together, only took an hour for the pictures and a simple photoshop card.  I'm sure there are all kinds of naughty picture ideas you could come up with!  I thought about making it an every year thing, but baby Taytum is too sweet to be included in the naughty card just yet.  Next year.


Colorful Family Shoot

Lots & lots of cuteness from my family!  Their colors were so cute and you can't help but see their personalities shine through.. cause these kids have personality!  Love you guys!


Bentley's Baptism Invite

I really can't believe my little Bentley Ray is eight years old! But she definitely had her own ideas of how she wanted her invite to look, and the pictures she wanted us to take, and this is what we came up with.

This is the outer shell of the card, I put a verse from one of my favorite songs on the outside..
 And this is the inside of the card.. It was a great day!  Lots of tears over my little girl growing up!


Bradley Family Shoot

These guys were brave enough to try a new spot with me, and it was a bit of an adventure. There was some strange kind of race going on a round us, and plenty of ducks. But, as always, with a great looking family like this, we got some great pictures! 


Bauer's 4.5 year old studly shoot

Meet my Bauer Boy.. He is as sweet as he is intense.  I wanted to grab a few pics of him to blow up for his wall in his room, so I wanted the shoot to feel as much like him as it could.  Within ten minutes, I had more expressions than I knew what to do with.  And he even threw in some of his own poses, which were amazing.  Why do boys always bust out the chin resting on the fist Napoleon Dynamite style? 
Enjoy my little stud muffin!


I have been busy doing who knows what, but I have the feeling that this little sweetie may be taking up some of my time.. Taytum is growing so fast, and the poor thing is already learning how to be patient for pictures.  This may be one of my favorite pictures of her.. one thing I love is the tears welled in the bottom of her eyes.  She had been screaming and pulled it together for me.
Ah I love her!

 And one in color..

Just thought I'd share my little winter baby shoot.


The Bell Family

Went out for a little shoot with these guys over a month ago.. and here are a few of my faves from the shoot..
I don't know what we'd do without them!  Bentley loves Karmin as her sunday school teacher.. and I'm sure it doesn't hurt that she always brings the kiddos awesome treats!
The whole family.. I had a lot of fun with this group, thanks for having me!


so cute fam

Swinging back into things with these amazing friends from the ward who are getting sealed soon! 
We started at Draper temple, and had some fun there..
Is this not one of the cutest little girls you've ever seen?
Love this!
So cute and happy!  I luff you guys!


My layered extendered skirt

After buying an extender slip for thirty dollars from a local boutique, I have been wanting to make one for myself.  Being pregnant, this has come in so handy because my dresses keep getting shorter as my stomach grows.  I just used a knee length slip I already owned and found some different white and cream lace from JoAnne's.  I feel like using the different shades of white help it go with more things.  Adding lace to an existing slip is as easy as sewing straight lines, so trust me- if I can do it, anyone can.  But there are many tutorials on Pinterest, including this one   http://icandyhandmade.blogspot.com/2011/08/tutorial-extender-slip.html

I'm definitely a skirt and dress kind of girl, so this has saved me!  Plus, I love the added texture under skirts.