Gettin' Hitched!!

I loved working with you two! Thanks for being patient and cooperative..

This post is a mix of both wedding reception, day and bridals from the summer.. enjoy! Flowers and such were amazing.. their party planner was so cute, her contact is www.lcbydesign.com if you're interested in more.

Proud of her catch...
I think you gotta have the classic "cheer" pic cause it's hillarious to look back on it and look at everyone doing their cheers. I still laugh when I look at mine.

Love the dance...


my little sweetie

this is little taste of how my photoshoot went with my kiddos today for christmas cards. it's almost like you can hear jingle bells ringing when you see this kind of holiday cheer.



This shoot turned out so well regardless of the cold. Poor Dax started shivering the second he got out of the car! His dad, Todd, is pretty frail so maybe he got a little bit of that. j/K Dax could take Todd in a fight any day. anyway.. such a cute fam!!
They really do like each other! They're not fakin it.
Once I handed him a punkin, he was happy again.

Love this! Paris with newbie, Brody.. remember Paris's maternities from not that long ago?

My Fav! El lovo fantistico!


brooke anne

My cute little sis is growin' up! I did a few pics of her the other day and wanted to share how cute this one came out.