small town

More of Lava Hot Springs, mostly because I can't get enough small towns that have personality.

How cool is this library sign? I barely even photoshopped it..

Here's a pretty decent view of most of main street.

There was so much cool texture everywhere.

I wanted to try a different edit feel..

Love this one!

And my little doll. It was the most picture perfect night, and what made it better was it was my favorite holiday of all time! Valentine's!


Cansas said...

I want you to take some pictures for my basement in black and white, or sepia tones. We'll have to talk!

Christina said...

I am glad I am not the only one that takes random pictures of chipped walls and pipes and stuff. I love this post! I get too stuck people pictures I forget to do the cool scenery ones! BTW I love your cards. Where did your name come from?

LindseyFae* said...


I love coming up with different names for things.. (my kids, my pets..sir frederick and dolche) So when I named my company, I wanted it to be something fun. I knew I loved names like "artichokes and co." But I have to admit, one name that influenced me was Posh Frippery. It's here in SLC. I just sat on a thesaurus one night and found words that I liked for the meaning that I wanted. I wanted a name that didn't take itself too seriously.. but I didn't want to use just my name..I don't know why, maybe because I still dream of using my name as a label for clothing someday. But anyway, there's a long answer for a simple question.

jackster said...

Linds I love them! That is totally my style too, I love random signs and streets, etc. Great job!

Shay said...

Those pictures are awesome! You have great natural talent!
My email is shayanne_russell@yahoo