It's amazing how photographing your own kids can be so stressful, but I learn so much about how I really want my pictures to look. These pictures didn't turn out how I wanted.. so I know I still have so much to learn.. but I thought that I'd post some of them anyway.

I took these for Grandmas for Mothers' Day, and this is just about the time when Bauer became a mama's boy. He was fussy and just wanted to be held.. Benny gave him a sweet little kiss.

His poor little fat feet don't fit in shoes. :(

Sweet smiles...

So.. with this HTML can you see the picture or is some still being cut off? Let me know! Thanks..

p.s.. what am I going to do without Gossip Girl and all their awesome music? (That's where I got this song playing now that i LOVE)


Janice Twitchell said...

Linds, your kids are getting so big! I haven't seen Bauer since you blessed him in Blanding! He's gotten so big! The pictures turned out adorable. I agree, photographing your own kids, NEVER turns out like you want it to. The tall pics aren't getting cut off but the wide pics still are, just a little. Don't worry, It's all good.

Emily Trost said...

I can see all of the picture & they are super cute! I love the one of them holding hands together!

Carrie Randall said...

Hey there. I love the last picture of Bauer in front of the door! How did the wedding pics turn out?

Cansas said...

Way cute! I love Bauer's cute little grin in the last pictures. What a handsome kid.