a sweet little double blessing

I have two new members of my fam.. a niece and a nephew! Over the weekend, they were both blessed in Cedar City. I didn't have much time to do pictures, but here are my favorites from the weekend.
Cansas and Chloe

Carly and her first, Raymond.

Summer and Lucie


Christina said...

You have captured some sweet moments. I love the last of picture of Summer and Lucie. Such joy and happiness!

Janice Twitchell said...

These are way cute! I was going to tell you that I actually saw you on the 4th getting I think a snow cone, or something, and Jesse was chowing on a turkey leg. I started to come over to you so we could finally meet!(you were far away) But by the time I got there you were gone and then I couldn't see you. Maybe next time!

nana said...

I love blogging with you! And I especially love all the pics you do!