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Here's just a little snippet from a quick family shoot I did this weekend at Sugarhouse Park. We didn't realize that it was Strut Your Mut, and there were so many dogs! Running and splashing everywhere!

Thanks to Ash for coming to be my "help" and it just ended up she got to hang out with me. Lucky ducky.


pretty little sadie

My cute niece is so photogenic! I'm lucky to have such cute nieces and nephews.. here are some of my faves..

She did not want to be sitting up here. It's higher than it looks.

Maybe my favorite... such a pretty face.



It's amazing how photographing your own kids can be so stressful, but I learn so much about how I really want my pictures to look. These pictures didn't turn out how I wanted.. so I know I still have so much to learn.. but I thought that I'd post some of them anyway.

I took these for Grandmas for Mothers' Day, and this is just about the time when Bauer became a mama's boy. He was fussy and just wanted to be held.. Benny gave him a sweet little kiss.

His poor little fat feet don't fit in shoes. :(

Sweet smiles...

So.. with this HTML can you see the picture or is some still being cut off? Let me know! Thanks..

p.s.. what am I going to do without Gossip Girl and all their awesome music? (That's where I got this song playing now that i LOVE)


Harts con't..

So I loved how these turned out both in color and in b&w.. just a little more to see of the Hart kiddos


can you see the pics?

So I just got a comment saying the pictures were not completely visible on her computer.. They are on mine, but I have a big screen.. So tell me, are the pictures being cut off for you?

I would love comments..



sweet sarah jane

Welcoming the newest addition to one of my favorite families, the feinauers.. teensy tiny Sarah Jane

They're only this small for a split second, I swear! And if they're mine, they're never ever this small..

Welcome to the family, Sarah Jane!

I love a good cryin' pic..

She was so content and we lucked out, because in between little cat naps she was ready to open her eyes for us.

Welcome to a crazy world!


hart kids

Kay.. I know. M.I.A. But at least that means I've got plenty to post! I've been in an anti-blog funk, and a Ticket To Ride online addiction. That's right. I play Ticket to Ride online, and I have an addiction. So that's how I've been spending the time I should be posting pictures..

This little group of kiddos live in my neigborhood, and wanted to surprise their mom with some pics... awww

You can't skip the waterfall when you go to Garden Park Ward. Ya just can't.

We got tons of great pics, and I'll definately be posting some of their singles. I hope that their cute mom had a great mother's day!