el preggo continued

I love so many of the pictures we got of pregnant Paris, let me know what you think!

One of my faves...

Don't worry about it. Just another pregnant girl sitting on the train tracks.

I'm still very much deciding what style is more me. I love a pop art feel. Tell me what you think!

Thanks Paris for being too cute while pregnant!


paris es preggo preview

I'm so excited about how many CuTe PrEgGo pics we got! Seriously, Paris does preggo better than most anybody I know! Check back soon for more.


a sweet little double blessing

I have two new members of my fam.. a niece and a nephew! Over the weekend, they were both blessed in Cedar City. I didn't have much time to do pictures, but here are my favorites from the weekend.
Cansas and Chloe

Carly and her first, Raymond.

Summer and Lucie


gloomy days r my fav

Brace yourself for lots of train tracks and rickity wooden doors...

I know gorgeous little Ella's skin looks orange here, but it doesn't look like this in photoshop, and I'm too lazy to switch it over for my blog. I still thought it was cute enough!

One of my favorites from the day...

She's so stinkin' photogenic!

This one is a serious poser! She struck pose after pose..

All boy...

He's another one who's hard to get an unposed picture of..

But he is so cute when you finally get him just smilin'!

How can you go wrong with this cute girl, a hat, and train tracks? All of her pictures turned out darling.

Prettiest eyes!!

And my little pookie just sitting on the tracks with glass and who knows what else..