sneak peak a roo of cazyln's bridals

Cazlyn is (and caz, I am so sorry if I misspelled your name even after I asked you how you spell it!) the cutest little bride to be there ever was.. and she happens to be one of my cute sister-in-law's sister (read it twice if it didn't make sense the first time) With her long dark hair she looked like she was out of a fairy tale in half of our pics (but you'll have to wait and see!) I had so much fun just goin out with the girls and talkin' their ears off.. Thanks for hangin' out with me!

So of course I had to pick my favorite...

Check back soon, so many more to come!!


Big Mamma said...

OK, that is soooo cute, what a beautiful bride! Hurry and post some more!

Janice Twitchell said...

beautiful lighting, beautiful landscape, beautiful bride=beautiful picture!! can't wait to see more Linds!

jackster said...

She looks gorgeous! Good job Linds, I'm excited to see the rest!

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Cansas said...

I can't wait to see the rest. GREAT JOB! Caz and my mom were so impressed with you. I think they would probably trade you for me if they could:) (oh, and you did spell her name right!)

esk said...

Your photos are amazing, especially the children and babies!

MarĂ­a... said...

Beautiful Picture! =)

Sajith said...

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Mckensie Assmus said...

wow linds that picture is amazing im so excited to see what else you got up your little sleve.

Meredith said...

Very pretty! The scenery is GORGEOUS!!!!


mini said...

I Love that photo, she looks so pretty and those flowers are gorgeus. Come visit me at http://timeoutwithmini.blogspto.com

Tuli Melila said...

wow...love your photography...beautiful! :)