Crazy Nail Polish Ya Gotsta Try

So I'm always looking for fun beauty products and this was one worth sharing! I had seen these nail polish strips in a magazine being worn by Katy Perry, but you had to order them online and that, of course, was way too much work for me. So imagine my excitement when I found a Sally Hansen brand at Smith's! In all kinds of fun prints! Kinda made my week. Yup. Week. This is my life, here. Not Katy Perry's.

Anyway.. super easy to put on, and they stayed on great for at least a week. I pulled them off to try new ones. I did have to coat them with clear nail polish every now and then to keep them looking ship-shape. And, on a frugal note, I cut the strips in half so that I could get double use out of the pack. Frugal? Or is that ghetto? It reminds me of the time I was in high school and a particularily rude guy caught me applying the magazine perfume sample onto my wrist. This guy referred to me as ghetto then, and I think cutting them in half may be in the same category. Just sayin'

Sorry about the dorky pics... I was so excited to share I just grabbed the closest camera which happened to be my phone...or is that ghetto?.. I think there's a trend.

If you try them, let me know what you think!


Jeanine said...

You should try these http://www.jamberrynails.com/
they are actually located in Provo. I have heard lots of good things about them. Jack and I were talking about them back in February and were going to go get some and didn't. She said she bought the ones you did a few weeks ago and liked them ok too.

Carrie Randall said...

Let's be honest, ghetto is hot.