Cause my friends are smokin'

So I have some pretty decent looking friends. Like, they're up there on a scale from one to ten. I love it when they ask me to take pictures of them because we always have so much fun. Recently, different projects have come up for them to need a few pics, and here's a little taste!

Here's my fav from Dana's shoot..

Love the chairs! And if you knew Dana, this backdrop just works for her!

Another fav.. I like how the edit turned out for this guy..

Meet Jessica, one of my most favorite roommates of all time.. We had an adventure finding this spot, but once we found a way in we had our own enchanted fortress..

Here's my fav of her for the day..

Love the light..

Thanks for being gorgeous! Love you gals.


Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor said...

What lovely picture's. It is fun to take photo's of all of your friends.

Dana Hewitt said...

Awww Linds. What a fun, and interesting day it was. Thanks for posting.