grandma donna is 84!

My last grandparent left is 84 years old and still going strong. She'll probably outlive us all. I told her I wanted to snap some pictures of her for her 84th birthday, and she asked "why? for my obituary?" Nope, just cause we love your smiling face.

This piano is an awesome antique. It's one of the things that is so "grandma and grandpa's house" to me. Also, the painting behind the piano. I always loved to sit and look at that when I was little. I had no idea my grandma painted it!

Happy Birthday Grandma!


Janice said...

Great job linds! I am in LOVE with that piano!! Your grandma is so cute!

Christina said...

You are going to treasure these pictures! I love your gma's sense of humor! That piano is awesome BTW!!! Great memories.

Cami said...

What a great idea! But I LOVE her comment "Why? For my obituary?" She is awesome. Is she your Jack Bauer Grandma?