lindsay and soni wedding preview

Just a sneak peek..

This wedding was so colorful and full of life! I have so many pictures to go through because there was so much going on. I love the pic above because all the sparkles in the string and the bubbles. And you can see Lindsay's mama through the couple.

Linds was such a beautiful bride. She was seriously radiant. Thanks for letting me share in your day!

More soon (hopefully!) to come!


Carrie Randall said...

What!!! I didn't even know that she was getting married! That is so exciting for her. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures, there are great by the way. :)

Lisa Riddle said...

How fun! I am so happy for her, she looks so cute and so happy. I haven't seen her in ages. Does she have a blog or anything? If you see her you'll have to tell her I say congrats. You are also so talented! I love your pictures.

Christina said...

You are so brave to do a wedding. I am terrified of doing a big event. Great work on capturing those little moments!

Rachelle Carling said...

Ms. Lindsay Fae... you are an amazing photographer! I forgot you had a blog that was your photography. I am so glad you posted about Lindsay' wedding. So happy for her!

You got talent, girl! I will definitely be spreading the word.