Bride To Be Cazlyn

So here's my cute sister-in-laws sis, Cazlyn. I loved how her pics turned out with her long dark hair.. she reminded me of a little princess in the woods.

This one totally reminds me of Snow White..
This one looks super peaceful, when in reality we were surrounded by angry geese who wouldn't mind their own business.
My favorite field.. especially for bridals.

Tryin' a little different edit..

Love ya, Caz! I wish you guys the best! Can't wait to see your pics from the wedding!!


Andi said...

These are beautiful! I enjoyed your last ones too, Liberty Park is fun, but my pictures of it surely aren't as "vintage" and fun as your cute ones! :)

Janice Twitchell said...

love love LOVE the snow white pic! it really does look like a snow white one! and your lighting in the field is amazing!

Cori and Colin said...

Lindsay! I didn't know you were a photographer! This is probably so old news, but your pics are amazing! Hope you're doing well!

joven said...

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Cansas said...

The pictures look awesome! I love the snow white and the last one! Good Job!