Meet Baby Kenslie

How fun is it for me to hold a teensy tiny baby? Especially since mine are born full grown?

I love this one.

What parent can't appreciate that look your little one gets right before they fall asleep?

And you gotta love that newborn little pose..

And what girl doesn't love shoes? Even if she is only a few weeks old..
My oh-so talented friend made the cute blanket (who happens to have had her third baby TODAY.. CoNgRats to the Trosts!!).. And I love the name, Kenslie by the way.. super cute name for a super cute little one.


E diggity M to the I to the L to the Y said...

Thanks for the shout out! The pictures look great as usual!

Marianne said...

She is adorable, congrats Emily and Kevin. I can't wait to hold her. Linds- ditto on what Em said your pictures are always so good but I love the editing on these.

Cami said...

Totally cute Linds! I love the last one!! Adorable!