a little taste of my first engagements..

My cute brother, Colter, and his fiance, Camille. Here's just a preview.
I had so much fun going to my favorite place in the world... downtown.


Janice said...

I love that he's all puckered up and waiting for the kiss in the first one! He's like, Bring it, I'm ready! Good job. I get to do my bro-in-laws wedding and engagements, etc... very soon and I'm excited! It will be my first wedding.

jackster said...

Wow you've been busy! You're awesome Linds! I really like these engagements, they're super cute. And you know how I feel about those cute 50s ones! By the way, I downloaded the free samples from that website you showed me and they're amazing! Maybe we should think again about splitting the cost on them :)