the rest of the (soon to be) rosenlofs

We took so many pictures! I wanted to get a good mix of the different things we got.. Getting married is so much fun!

Probably my favorite..

Had to help out the heart hands with photoshop..

Had to get some with their cute dog, thondo.. I think that's how it's spelled? It's means love in some kind of African language

Love this one!

Umm.. maybe this one is my favorite?


Christina said...

I love how candid these pictures all are! I'm a candid girl! Very natural and fun to look at. Great job on the backgrounds settings!

Janice said...

All very good! Great job with em Lindsey! I love the idea of the heart hands. way cute!

Carrie Randall said...

They are so cute! It's so funny for me to see Colter being all cutesie. I'm excited for them.