vintage little housewife

This is my soon to be sister-in-law (yay!), Camille. These are shots for her thank you postcards she'll be sending out for her bridal showers. Her idea was to be a kind of vintage housewife, using the kinds of appliances that she'll most likely be receiving as gifts, and her mom's kitchen was perfect for the ideas. They were so much fun!

Hmm..the perfect meatloaf...



This one is my fav... kind of a stepford wife feel


I have tons more shoots to load! Hopefully everything will be up tonight!!


Cansas said...

I love them! So much fun!

Christina said...

Lindsey I LOVE THIS!! Especially the second picture! Great job!! It says a lot for you as a photographer when you can execute this so well!!!! WAY TO GO! BTW I am loving the biggest loser thing, totally motivating me! Thanks!

Jeanine said...

I love those shots! That is a super cute idea and the editing you did is so good. AWESOME!!

Janice said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE them all!! The last is great and the one with her putting the pan in the oven is awesome too! great shoot!

Brookie said...

I AM DiGGIng these pictures. Holy cow so creative Linds. Seriously. The second shot I had to check if it was a calender shot. To make sure it was the same girl. Looks like a painting.
So good.
Keep it up!

Andy & Alicia said...

These are awesome! You have a great imagination.

Carrie Randall said...

I'm impressed Linds! These are so good. They remind me of the pictures you have on your family blog. Way to go Lindsey Fae!